Recent Tracks with AngularJS
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AngularJS is an MVC framework for javascript. It is best suited for round-tripping resources with a RESTful service. In this post, I will simply get a list of recent tracks from, treating each track as a resource. The API is documented here. There is no round-tripping in this example. I’ll also be utilizing Twitter Bootstrap for layout. To start, create the AngularJS application and a controller for recent tracks.
Best Purchases
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I feel like we’ve made some good purchases in the past year. Here are some of the things that I like the most. Click the thumbnails for more information. Magic Bullet Mr Beams LED Spotlight Roku 2 XD Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan Samsung HW-E551 Sound Bar Teavana PerfecTea Tea Maker  
Thumbnail Gallery with Flickr, Bootstrap, and Javascript
I recently created a thumbnail gallery of my latest Flickr photos using the Flickr feeds API, Twitter Bootstrap, and Javascript/jQuery. There is no server side code for this solution, and the client side code is really simple. To start, create a blank html page (I like to start with the HTML5 Boilerplate). Make sure you include the Bootstrap css and jQuery. I used the Thumbnails component of Bootstrap for the gallery layout.
personal, travel
We’ve just returned from a nice, long visit to Paris. Check out some photos on Flickr.
Project – La Cocina
I’ve been working on a new Rails application for storing our recipes. It’s at a point where it is being hosted and used by us. Some of the style is borrowed (stolen) from Martha Stewart’s blog. The big feature of La Cocina is it’s ability to pull in recipes from a number of other recipe sites. I’m using the nokogiri gem to do screen scraping for recipe data. There’s an admin interface for creating new screen scrapers (which I call “scarfers”), so it’s easy to add new recipe sites by entering DOM paths (CSS or XPath) and some other options.
Vegetable Garden
gardening, personal, photography
We built a small raised vegetable garden this year in one of the only spots in our yard that gets more than 4 hours of sunshine. It happens to be next to the driveway, but that’s okay.

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