Vegetable Garden
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We built a small raised vegetable garden this year in one of the only spots in our yard that gets more than 4 hours of sunshine. It happens to be next to the driveway, but that’s okay.
Canning Fever
food, gardening
Pasta Sauce and Blueberry Jam Originally uploaded by cleverswine Bren has canning fever. It all started with a canning book that she received as a Christmas present. Now, she has canned (or jarred as I like to call it) Salsa, Pasta Sauce, Blueberry Jam, and Sweet Pickles. The nice thing is that we’ll be well stocked with food that we know is locally grown and chemical free.
Slow Gardening
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Bellpepper Originally uploaded by cleverswine This summer is getting off to a slow start, as are our vegetables. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, various peppers, and carrots. So far we haven’t picked a thing. We’ve barely reached the 80s in temperature, and we’ve had more rain than usual. However, despite the lack of veggies, I’m personally enjoying the cool summer.

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