ID3 Tag Parsing
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I’ve been working on a project to read and update ID3 tags on my music collection. An ID3 tag is the meta data embedded in mp3 files that contains artist and other information. My initial goal is to batch update the “genre” field in my mp3 files. I’ve written a simple .Net forms application to do this. I found a really good library created by Novell called TagLib Sharp. The library makes it super easy to read and write ID3 tags.
Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart
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This is one of my favorite new Morrissey songs. It is fitting that part of my dad’s family are Irish immigrants living in England. Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart
Metal, Old and New
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The Old: an amazing cover of the Queen song “Stone Cold Crazy” by Metallica. This is, of course, when Metallica was still a metal band. Metallica – Stone Cold Crazy The New: Lamb of God has caught my attention lately. You’ll mostly find younger punks (not the good kind) listening to this stuff, but I like it anyway. Lamb of God – Redneck
Triple the Punk
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Today I offer up three fine punk songs. These are three well known artists, so I won’t go into a description of each. Use google if you really need to know more about them. NOFX – Bottles To The Ground (party song) Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized (80’s rebellious youth) Bad Brains – I Against I (a classic)
Alison Krauss @ Edgefield
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Alison Krauss will be at Macmenamins Edgefield on July 5, and we got great seats: 8 rows back in the center. I saw her once in San Francisco, but it was a huge outdoor concert under the Golden Gate bridge and I didn’t hear much. This concert at the Edgefield will be more intimate and we’ll be much closer. Alison Krauss – When You Say Nothing At All
Dag Nasty – Values Here
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Dag Nasty was my favorite punk band. They had a mostly positive message and lots of energy. I’m not sure exactly what this song is about… values and confidence? “fear of failure; fear of reprimand; two big problems I’ve never had; I never doubted what I had inside… what I have inside” Dag Nasty – Values Here
Uniform Choice – Straight And Alert
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A classic straight edge song from one of my favorite 80s punk bands, Uniform Choice. They weren’t hugely popular, but I really like their anger and passion. This song is about how foolish and conformist it is to do drugs and get drunk. Uniform Choice – Straight And Alert
Hungry Lucy – Could It Be
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This is one of the first songs that I heard from Hungry Lucy, and it’s still my favorite. Hungry Lucy – Could It Be
Ministry – Unsung (Alternate Mix)
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I’m going to start posting songs on occasion. As much as I listen to music, I occasionally come across a song that really moves me and I want to share it. Plus, delicious has this cool inline player script (click on the play arrow). Ministry – Unsung (Alternate Mix)
Goat Mix
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This is a song that I wrote years ago. I now have a real keyboard, so I’m hoping to become inspired soon to really learn how to play and write real music. For now this is all I have to offer. Clever Swine – Goat Mix

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