Spring is (almost) here
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Spring was here for a few days, but the cool, wet weather is returning this week. We planted some veggies in the few spots where we get sunlight. Hopefully we’ll get something out of them.
Garden Show
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We went to the garden show at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds this weekend. We actually didn’t buy all that much, just about 10-12 plants. Here’s Bren…
Perfect Day
nature, weather
Today is the first perfect day of the year! It’s sunny and 70 degrees outside. Bren is working on her gardens, and I’m geeking out on the laptop. On flickr, you will find some photos of our first Spring outdoor session (taken from my laptop camera).
Sometimes It Snows In April
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Okay, it’s not actually April yet, but I’ve always wanted to use the phrase “Sometimes It Snows In April,” which is a Prince song from the movie Under the Cherry Moon. It’s almost April, and snow is in the forecast for tomorrow morning. The forecast tends to change daily, of course, so we’ll see if it really happens. Nonetheless, I am excited by the prospect!
Spring Was Here
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The temperature dropped into the 20s last night! There was ice on the lawn. So much for Spring. Update: the forecast is calling for snow tomorrow night!

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