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We are getting a cat today! Sly and Cordy have been gone for 2-3 years now, and we’ve been talking about getting more cats for a while. Brenda found a good one at the Troutdale humane society yesterday. She’s 6 months old and had just arrived at the shelter. Lots of photos coming soon… [Edit] Her name is Olivia.
New Deck
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Our new deck is complete and it’s much nicer than the old one. The flooring is composite material from TimberTech and the railing is aluminum. We plan to stain the wood skirting to better match the deck and house color, but we’ll have to wait until it stops raining. As a bonus, we have a decent sized storage area underneath part of the deck.
Best Purchases
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I feel like we’ve made some good purchases in the past year. Here are some of the things that I like the most. Click the thumbnails for more information. Magic Bullet Mr Beams LED Spotlight Roku 2 XD Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan Samsung HW-E551 Sound Bar Teavana PerfecTea Tea Maker  
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We’ve just returned from a nice, long visit to Paris. Check out some photos on Flickr.
Vegetable Garden
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We built a small raised vegetable garden this year in one of the only spots in our yard that gets more than 4 hours of sunshine. It happens to be next to the driveway, but that’s okay.
Slow Gardening
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Bellpepper Originally uploaded by cleverswine This summer is getting off to a slow start, as are our vegetables. We planted tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, various peppers, and carrots. So far we haven’t picked a thing. We’ve barely reached the 80s in temperature, and we’ve had more rain than usual. However, despite the lack of veggies, I’m personally enjoying the cool summer.
Local Groceries
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We did this week’s grocery shopping at Food Front in the Hillsdale neighborhood. They carry many local and organic food products. And, it may be my imagination, but local eggs fresh from the chicken taste so much better than the mass produced commercial eggs.
Fall is (almost) here
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Summer came and went. It was a mild summer, but I’m happy to feel cooler weather.
Spring is (almost) here
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Spring was here for a few days, but the cool, wet weather is returning this week. We planted some veggies in the few spots where we get sunlight. Hopefully we’ll get something out of them.
New Home Office
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After a few weeks of shopping in and around Portland, we finally landed some nice office furniture at a reasonable price. City Liquidators turns out to be the place for furniture (and other things ranging from tampons to sofas). Next up, we’ll be painting the room.
Birthday and Other Events
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For my birthday, I went to Rogue (as I have done for the past 7 years in a row) and got a free beer and t-shirt. Bren and I took the next day off of work and had a delicious meal at Salvador Molly’s and took a hike around Gabriel Park. It was a fantastic birthday. Now that I’m in my “late 30s…”, I may choose to do something different next year.
New Couch
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[]( Couch We got our new couch from JCPenney last weekend. We weren’t expecting it until mid-December because we had custom fabric put on it. We’re glad to have it for Thanksgiving because we’re having company over for food and games. I think the red (berry) fabric was a good choice, as it adds some color to the room and it matches the chair we recently purchased. The rug is new as well.
House Photos
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Some photos of the new house, with more to come as we get settled in
We Have Moved
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We moved in to our new house Friday. I don’t have many photos yet because we are still unpacking. So far, almost everything has gone well. DirecTV is unwilling to get on our roof to install the satellite dish. Apparently, it is unsafe. We’ve asked for a second opinion from another installer, so we’ll see. Other than that, all is good! Some photos are here, with more to come as we get settled in.
We Sold Our House and Bought Another One
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[]( House
Our House is For Sale
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See it here.

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