Dr. Dobb’s Journal
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I’ve been subscribing to Dr. Dobb’s Journal for at least 10 years. It has always been my favorite technical magazine because of it’s diversity of topics and brain-stirring articles. I got a letter in the mail last week saying that they were ceasing production of the full magazine. Instead, they will offer a Dr. Dobb’s Report stuffed into issues of InformationWeek. I’ll have to spend more time on their web site, as it looks like they have some good content on there.
Why is Bird Poop White?
I was admiring the site of a beautiful seagull flying peacefully through downtown, when it suddenly dropped some poop in mid-flight. I watched the white poop fall from the bird to the ground. Then I got to thinking, why is bird poop white? A quick web search led me to Yahoo Answers. It turns out that birds don’t urinate. They have one multipurpose hole for pee, poo, sex, and birth. Here’s the detailed explanation.

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