Ike Messes Things Up
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My family in Texas recently sat through yet another hurricane. This time it was Ike, and it was a direct hit to Galveston and Houston. Luckily, my Houston (Katy) peeps went unscathed and those in Nederland/Port Neches had only minor damage to their houses. They were lucky because if the storm surge had been much higher, they would have had flood damage in addition to the wind damage. On a related note, the streaking Astros were forced to play two “home” games against the Cubs just 90 miles from Chicago in Milwaukee.
Home from Tejas
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We’ve just returned from our trip to Texas, where we saw all of my family and visited Galveston, Kemah, and Houston. We had a good time, but it’s nice to be home in Oregon. The heat and humidity down there was a bit much. On flickr, you will find many photos from the trip.
Everything is Stranger in Texas
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I’m off to Texas tomorrow morning to visit family and see my new niece. I regularly keep up with Texas news, but I casually read it and move on. Today I came across an unusual story… well, unusual to those of us in the North. A man in Brazoria was routinely pulled over for making an illegal u-turn. The police found a 6 foot alligator and a water moccasin in his car, both alive.

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